Marketing and Technical Presentations


This page lists downloadable Powerpoint presentations (as PDFs), Link demos with step-by-step instructions, and other technical and sales/marketing resources.


 Powerpoint Presentations
 The OSI Model
Protocol Stacks and Dumps
Troubleshooting X.25 Calls  
X. 25 Protocol
 Gcom and X.25


 Flash Demonstrations (Version 3_0) Format
Introduction and General Features

Network Settings
Manage Passwords
Configure Firewall
Install Update
Ethernet Bonding
Manage Gcom Dumps
Manage USB Pen Drives
Manage Protocol Stacks
Manage Serial Port
Gcom AMA Collector Manager
Gcom TN3270 Server


Flash Demonstrations (Gcom Management Console 1)  Format
Assign and Start Stack
Create AX.25 Stack
Build X.25 Stack
Create X.25 Sync Sockets Daemon (SSD)
Enable Port Probe and Logging
X.25 Back-to-Back (BTOB) Test
Installing stand alone GMC package


Flash Demonstrations (Gcom Management Console 2.75 or later) Format
Internet Explorer Compatibility View
Introduction to GMC2.75
How to Run Back to Back Test
How to Save and Restore Protocol Settings
How to Download a Software Update from Gcom FTP Site
How to Upload and Install Software Update
How to Import Protocol Settings
How to Turn Off Debugging
SNA LU2 over Ethernet
SNA Multiple PUs per Port
TN3270 Configuration
LU6.2 over Ethernet
X.25 Configuration
XOT to X.25 Port
XOT to TCP Conversion


Flash Demonstrations (Gcom Management Console 2)  Format
Generate Diagnostic Data
Download Diagnostic Data
Daemon Monitoring
 SNA LU2 (3270) over Ethernet
 SNA LU2 (3270) over SDLC
 SNA LU 6.2 over Ethernet
 X.25 over synchronous serial
 XOT over synchronous serial
 XOT converted to TCP
 SNA LU 2 with TN3270E Sessions