How do I setup and install a GPA 2G?

NOTE: This procedure is for new GPA 2Gs only. If you are updating an existing system with the GPA 2G update pen drive, please refer to the section titled "Installing Updated GPA 2G Software".

To setup and install your GPA 2G you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Connect the interface devices.

    Typically, a keyboard and monitor are connected directly to the GPA 2G.  You may also use a dumb terminal device or terminal emulation software (such as a PC with HyperTerminal) connected to COM1, located on the back panel of the device.

    If using a dumb terminal or emulation software, it should be set to 9600 baud rate, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.

  2. Connect the power cord and power on the GPA 2G.
  3. Configure the network information.

    The IP address, network mask, broadcast IP address, default gateway, and DNS servers' IP addresses should be gathered from your network System Administrator.

    By default, the GPA 2G has a firewall running which allows access to the box using only http, ssh, snmp, ssd, and ping ports. To block any of the ports listed you must click on the port that you want to close to block. The entire firewall can also be disabled.
    If you configure any DNS servers using the “Configure DNS Servers” sub-menu of the “Configure IP Networking Menu”, this will override any hostname that you set up in the main menu.

    If you configure a NTP server in the “Configure Network Time Synchronization” sub-menu of the  “Configure IP Networking Menu” the box will now override any date/time settings that you might set up in the main menu. This will occur immediately upon reboot, or gradually over time before the next reboot-- if the difference between the two settings is large. That gradual correction to NTP time may not be immediately noticeable and could be confusing.

  4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the GPA 2G.

  5. Verify network connectivity by accessing the GPA 2G's Gcom Management Console (GMC).

    This procedure is performed by navigating to the IP address of the GPA 2G, assigned in the previous step, using a web browser.  The default username is “admin” and the default password is “”

    NOTE: When accessing the GMC for the first time, you should ensure that the software has activated the various cards in the box by clicking the “Troubleshoot” button ---> clicking the “Hardware Data” button.