How do I save and restore my configuration information?

On Version 1_5 and older machines, you back up your configuration files by creating a tarball and downloading them from the machine. Using the GMC (our web interface), you click the “Management” button --> “Archives” button--> “Create” linktext --> select checkboxes next to desired configurations files --> Type in a name for your tarball --> “Archive Files” linktext --> Click on the name of your newly created tarball...and now you can save it to your local machine. Once the tarball is created, it can be used to restore the machine configuration using the procedure in the document located at:

On Version 2_0 and newer machines, you will use a pen drive to backup and restore configuration files. You can back up configuration files and networking information from the Setup interface under “Manage USB Storage Device” --> “Create Pen Drive” -> “Export Configuration Files to Pen Drive”. These exported configuration files can be retrieved later from the same Setup interface, using: “Manage USB Storage Device” --> “Import Configuration Files” (as mentioned in the answer to Question #6) which allows you to retrieve either the configuration files, the networking information, or both.