Gcom SPS 2.2 Release


  • Improved throughput on multi-CPU systems.
  • Improved handling of multiple-adapter-card systems. For example: Gcom_xray now traces ports on the second and third Sync570i adapter cards.
  • Improved WANPMC support.
  • Increased ioctl_list, client_list, etc. size from 200 to 1000 bytes.


  • Added per-connection logging.
  • Implemented new worker thread policy.
  • Implemented new security feature: The new hosts_allow and hosts_deny configuration parameters permit precise control over host ability to open new SyncSockets connections.
  • Improved round-robin scheduler in tcp2ssd.
  • Implemented fix for crypto code in SuSE Linux.
  • Implemented raw frame and link layer Gcom_xray functions.
  • Made changes to consistently fill the line_number parameter in SS_OP_CONN_REQ.
  • Fixed problem with link layer LISTEN.
  • Fixed problems with Gcom_ssd exiting on SS_OP_SPECIAL:SS_SOP_LINE_STATUS.
  • (P1.2) Implemented SS_SOP_CONNECTION_INFO for the X.25, SNA, Bisync, and LU6.2 protocols.
  • (P1.2) Improved Gcom_ssd to calculate maximum file descriptors from the number of connections in the configuration file.
  • (P1.2) Increased total files open to 32,768 in the X.25, Bisync, and SNA protocols.
  • (P1.2) Improved Gcom_ssd and Gcom_sstest to implement encryption on TCP connections.
  • (P1.3) Fixed a segv in Gcom_ssd when it operated multiple connections.
  • (P1.3) Improved handling of circular log files.
  • (P1.18) Improved handling of poll errors.
  • (P1.19) Added dial/modem signal parameters to raw frame SS_OP_CONNECT.
  • (P1.24) Improved sample Java SyncSockets interface handling of connections.
  • (P1.28) Packaged Java version of SyncSockets.
  • (P1.28) Changed SyncSocketHeader class to public and static.
  • (P1.28) Improved Java sample programs to use Java SyncSockets package.


  • Added code to verify queue availability.
  • Improved lock handling to increase performance on multi-CPU systems.
  • Improved memory handling. (LiS will not claim more than two-thirds of RAM.)
  • Improved message tracking debug option.
  • Improved interrupt handling for Linux (2.6).
  • Made changes to accommodate new Linux releases, including SuSE 9.1, SuSE 9.2, SuSE 9.3, SuSE 9.0 Enterprise SP3, Fedora Core 3, Fedora Core 4, and Linux (2.6).
  • (P1.8) Improved acpi compatibility of Linux synchronous serial driver.
  • (P1.20) Moved Gcom initialization to different init level to accommodate recent Linux distribution changes to default init level.
  • (P1.21) Fixed libgcom linking problem.
  • (P1.25) Improved to accommodate gcc 4.0, Linux 2.6.11.
  • (P1.27) Fixed Gcos install script problem.


  • Improved compile options to generate faster code.
  • Fixed memory handling for Solaris 10.
  • Fixed handling of multiple-adapter-card Sync570i systems when the second adapter card was started before the first adapter card.


  • Enabled QNX to use the -B option on Gcom_monitor.
  • Fixed call to circlog_vprintf in npiapi (QNX-only problem).


  • Changed SNMP to use a static crypto library. Gcom Inc.'s SNMP is now compatible with Redhat 9.0, Fedora Core 3, and SuSE.
  • (P1.28) Linked all NET-SNMP applications to static openssl cryptography library.


  • Enabled short M-bit packets (Option G58).
  • Fixed message-overwriting problem with N_EXT_CONN_IND.


  • Improved to check partner name before determining if sessions are available.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Fixed handling of multiple mode table entries.


  • Added LU6.2/PU2.0 support.


  • Fixed sending EOT <poll/select> sequence problem in 3270 host emulator.

Link Level

  • (LAPD) Increased UDP connection limit from 1024 to 8192.
  • (SDLC/HDLC Frame Level) Fixed inability to internally acknowledge receipt of frames in a disabled state, which allowed the flow control window from below to close and never reopen.
  • (P1.6) (LAPB/LAPD) Improved implementation of the Inhibit Link Up Verify option.
  • (P1.16) (LAPB/LAPD) Improved role switching code.

Gcom Management Console

  • (P1.14 & P1.17) Added ability to configure multiple PVCs simultaneously.
  • (P1.23) Moved all log files to /usr/spool/gcom.

Gcom Utilities

  • Added information to Gcom_dump.
  • Improved Gcom_xray to dump data in hex and ASCII.
  • Improved Gcom_xray to save files in tcpdump/ethereal format.
  • Fixed 64-bit alignment error that occurred while decoding tokens in Gcom_dlpi, etc.
  • (P1.2) Improved Gcom_ivp npi-summary to allow more X.25 LCNs.
  • (P1.5) Fixed buffer-handling problem in Gcom_monitor.
  • (P1.4) Fixed routing table information processing problem in Gcom_config.
  • (P1.28) Linked Gcom_monitor to static openssl cryptography library.