Gcom SPS 2.1 Release


  • Gcom Management Console install now uses the standard "pkgadd" installation method
  • Gcom Management Console install package for Solaris now includes the additional "sudo" program
  • Solaris installation now removes old packages, eliminating the need to uninstall old Gcom software beforehand.


  • Some RH 9 compilation compatibility changes
  • Better recovery from memory allocation failures
  • Compatibility between RH7 (gcc2) and RH9 (gcc3)


  • Made change to Solaris interrupt registration
  • bind_interrupt parameter in cdip.conf file for Solaris
  • SPARC: attach Digi intr routine as last thing so that intrs can occur immediately
  • Fixed crash in Solaris CDI detach routine


  • Ported Gcom Protocol Suite to run on Solaris-Intel OS

SyncSocket® API

  • There is a new SSD configuration option for X.25 connections: accept_with_address. The default value is 0. Setting it to 1 causes X.25 incoming connections to be accepted in such a way that the resulting X.25 Call Accept packet will contain the local DTE address as the "called address" in the packet. With the option set to 0 this field of the Call Accept packet will be zero-length (the previous behavior).
  • SSD improvements for LISTEN
  • SSD thread identifications
  • SSD disconnect races
  • SSD disconnect reasons w/X.25 PVCs


  • Implemented SNMP GETSp
  • Implemented SNMP Trapsp

Gcom Management Console

  • Support for user application launching
  • SSD no longer portrayed as part of stack
  • Separate "Applications" section for SSD and user applications configuration

Digi Driver

  • Added various Digi board driver speedups
  • Reduced lock contention via fistrt routine
  • Close a race condition in Digi driver input side
  • Recognize additional adapter versions with specific license characteristics

Link Layer

  • HDLC/SDLC respond to RD frame with DISC
  • QLLC manifests known instabilities with certain configurations. Please contact Gcom prior to attempting QLLC configurations.


  • Ensured compatibility with LiS-2.17
  • No restriction on number of minor devices
  • Lock contention tracking for performance tuning
  • Compatibility with 2.6 kernel 90% complete


  • Support for the PCI version of the wanpmc without the g2000 "carrier" card
  • Improvements in E1 framing and support
  • E1 configuration parameters changed slightly, with pains taken to make them compatible with old parameters


  • X.25 disconnect improvements
  • X.25 PVCs can now be pooled using the same connect address


  • Fix problem with hung Gcom commands in busy system
  • Partial changes to get MLP to configure.
  • DLPI API needed to return when receive key ind
  • Make driver-config-vars permanent table
  • Fix Rsys_snprintf
  • NPI quieter about running out of minors
  • Fix problem with xcmem driver
  • Make CDI quiet about modem signal events
  • Need to count I_LINK/I_UNLINK like opens especially with external driver interfaces to solve tear down races.
  • Fix the "Files Exists" problem.