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Customer Support Plans and Services

In our never-ending quest to offer customers greater value, flexibility, and choice, Gcom® provides a range of support options and services. To view more information about each support area, please click on the links below:

See Gcom's Software Support Agreement (PDF format) for more details.

Support Activities

Support Activities Type of Service Performed
Level 1 Perform basic hardware and software installation, setup, and operation, including cabling and troubleshooting.
Level 2
  • Diagnose configuration problems by examining statistics and trace information.
  • Diagnose protocol problems with the remote device or network.
Level 3
  • Examine traces with regard to specific protocols.
  • Activate debug masks in the kernel code for in-depth, internal (as opposed to protocol) traces.
Level 4 Design a fix for a problem, implement the fix, and test the fix.
API support
  • Assist customer in the use and proper application of Gcom's Application Programming interfaces.
  • Provide sample code for the use of Gcom APIs to assist in the implementation of customer applications.
Application design assistance Assist in the design of those portions of customer applications that interact with the Gcom API.
Training Help customer personnel master the skills necessary to perform level 1 support, level 2 support, and use Gcom APIs.

Support Plans

Support Plans Features and Benefits
  • Distributes regularly scheduled software updates.
  • Accepts bug reports and feature requests via email.
  • Performs Level 3 and Level 4 support activities via telephone during standard business hours.
  • Provides an extended hardware warranty, if applicable.

Professional Services

Gcom provides the following support activities on an hourly fee basis as an add-on to a basic or premium support plan:

Support Activity Location (Onsite = customer site | Offsite = Gcom facility)
Level 1 support Onsite
Level 2 support Offsite
Level 3 support Onsite
Level 4 support Onsite
API support Onsite or offsite (different fee schedules)
Application design assistance Onsite or offsite (different fee schedules)
Training Offsite