Gcom Protocol Appliance 2G

The Second Generation Gcom® Protocol Appliance 2G (GPA 2G) is a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective, X.25/SNA/Bisync-to-IP protocol conversion solution.

GPA 2G Highlights

  • No API programming - The GPA 2G is a simple plug/configure/play solution for most protocol conversion needs.
  • True protocol conversion - The GPA 2G is not a protocol tunneling solution. Which is why it's needed on only one end of a connection, not both ends.
  • One-to-many Support -  A single GPA 2G can support multiple IP devices or multiple legacy protocol devices.
  • Support for multiple header formats - The GPA 2G supports wide variety of delimiter formats called encapsulations.

GPA 2G Features

  • Synchronous ports supporting SNA, X.25, Bisync, Frame Relay,
    Link Layer, and other legacy protocols
  • Zero-, two-, four-, and eight-port versions
  • Standalone and rack mount form factors
  • Secure, high-MTBF, small-footprint unit
  • Easy updates and personality transfers via USB pen drive
  • Advanced remote diagnostics
  • Full technical support

Example Problems and Solutions

Click links below to view example problems and solutions.  Please contact Sales for more information or for custom solutions. 

-Connect IP Host to Legacy Devices
-Connect Legacy Mainframe to IP Devices
-Replace Legacy Hardware/Software
-Connect Two Different Legacy Networks

Upgrade/migrate to an IP host but keep legacy protocol end-user devices.

Sample problems: You're modernizing your network; however, you still have older devices, such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) or ticket counter terminals, for which you cannot find suitable IP-compatible replacements.

Or you're phasing in IP hosts to start offloading applications from your legacy protocol mainframe.

Solution: Gcom's Second Generation Protocol Appliance (GPA 2G).

Maintain a legacy protocol mainframe, but add IP end-user devices.

Click here to learn more about the Gcom Protocol Appliance 2G (GPA 2G)

Sample problem: Current budgetary restrictions prohibit an end-to-end IP network. Nevertheless, you must deploy IP-compatible edge devices, such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) or point-of-sale (POS) terminals, to enhance your customers' experience.

Solution: Gcom's Second Generation Protocol Appliance (GPA 2G).

Replace aging legacy protocol hardware/software

Sample problems: Your current vendor plans to discontinue hardware support for your IBM 3745 front-end processor (FEP) and you can't risk the potential down time associated with obsolete technology. So you decide to replace your FEP, or both your FEP and mainframe with an IP host.

Or you need to replace a card inside a host.

Solution: Gcom's Second Generation Protocol Appliance (GPA 2G) between your devices or Gcom's Protocol Kit (GPK) inside your devices.

Connect two different legacy protocol networks

Sample problem: Both companies survived the merger, but neither is willing to give up the stability and security of its legacy network. Your mission: Merge the two networks.

Solution: Mission possible with Gcom's Second Generation Protocol Appliance (GPA 2G).


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