Poka Lambro Wireless

Gcom X.25 solution for Poka Lambro wireless system

"Slicker than goose grease."

That's what Mike Green of Texas-based Poka Lambro Wireless said when he installed Gcom® software for his X.25 protocol.

At first, we weren't sure it was a compliment, but when Mike also said a few nice things about our support department like "sharp fellow" and "thanks for your help," we realized we were on the receiving end of some Texas-sized humor.

Other wireless companies like Motorola and Nextel have used Gcom software in the testing of their cell switches. And thanks to Gcom's reliable technology, Lucent installed a completely new Argentine wireless phone system in only six weeks.

But wireless isn't all we do. Since 1979, we've been designing and developing the most advanced synchronous protocol implementations for a diverse industry market. Gcom software rests at the heart of VISA International's network as well as GTE's space network. Wal-Mart even uses Gcom software to link their nationwide pharmacies with insurance companies.

Leverage the value of your legacy systems by including them in your new network architecture. Gcom can help. You'll discover we're pretty "slick" at what we do.