Telcom network testing and quality assurance

As the power behind one of the world's largest and most active cellular phone networks, Motorola must ensure it can handle even the heaviest call volumes at peak hours.

Gcom® software and hardware solutions generate data throughput rates fast enough to stress test the central office switches of the Nextel phone system. By knowing the switches' data traffic limitations, Motorola can continue to guarantee the highest possible quality of service

For this project, Gcom introduced a new set of drivers and hardware for the High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) adapter. We also made numerous custom modifications to our code to meet the specific needs of Motorola's test lab, and to support the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth optimization.

Project Goals
  • Maximum throughput to push the limits of hardware capability
  • Reliable, repeatable performance for testing
  • Highest possible data rates to simulate thousands of simultaneous phone conversations
Network Topology
  • Frame Relay
  • High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI)
  • Multiple data sources concentrated to a single output
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Suite with LAPD and Frame Relay
  • HSSI adapter
  • T1 adapter
  • Synchronous serial adapter
Network Interfaces
  • HSSI
  • T1
  • V.35
Gcom solution for Motorola telcom network testing and quality assurance