Lucent Technologies

Link Layer connectivity for Argentina's cell phone system

In 1993, when Lucent Technologies installed a cellular telephone system in Argentina, they chose an analog system because the newer digital technology was too costly. They needed a communications link to connect the analog cell site equipment to the telephone switch in the central office. Gcom® was the only company to provide a solution, offering customized LAPB and LAPD protocol for the control of telephone circuits.

The project was an unprecedented success not only for Gcom, but also for Lucent, which was able to deploy the entire system in only 60 days. Despite the extremely fast rollout time, the cellular phone network has proven stable from the outset, largely due to the reliability of the Gcom protocols used to manage the network infrastructure. In fact, the success of this project led to the selection of Lucent to deploy Argentina's next-generation digital cellular network.

Project Goals
  • Build a national cellular telephone infrastructure.
  • Deploy quickly with a minimum of technical support requirements.
  • Allow for rapidly increasing voice/data traffic following network activation.
  • Support millions of simultaneous voice conversations.
Network Topology
  • Transceiver towers distributed throughout the country
  • Switches and control centers for call management and billing
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Suite with Link Layer, LAPB, and LAPD
  • Synchronous serial adapter
Network Interfaces
  • RS-232
  • V.35
Gcom solution for Lucent Technologies cell phone system in Argentina