Multinational Oil and Gas Company

Connect X.25 edge devices to a central IP network

A multinational company supplying a wide range of oil, gas, and chemical products to Hong Kong, Macau, and South China, turned to Gcom® technology to:

  • Connect hundreds of X.25 point-of-sale (POS) terminals to a corporate IP network...
  • While maintaining an X.25-based link to a third-party, financial services institution.
Project Goals
  • Extend the life of X.25 POS terminals.
  • Continue processing POS-based transactions on a third-party, X.25-based, financial network.
  • Add ability to process POS-based transactions on a corporate, IP-based network.
Network Topology
  • Virtual Private Network
  • X.25 leased lines
  • TCP/IP to X.25 gateways for remote POS
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Appliance 2G with X.25 and TCP/IP
  • 2-byte encapsulation
Network Interfaces
  • RJ45
  • RS-232
Gcom solution for Hong Kong-based multinational oil and gas company