Stock Trade Data Center

Real-time information exchange with the NYSE

Stock trading demands not only speed and accuracy, but high availability to avoid lost money due to unplanned downtime. An industry leader in securities processing and electronic trade execution chose Gcom® to provide connectivity for both incoming stock data and outgoing trade requests. Gcom hardware and software plays an integral role in the seamless connection between remote stock ticker information sources, the stock trade data center, and the NYSE trading floor.

The fusion of Gcom protocols and the data center's expertise in the marketplace resulted in the availability of a comprehensive platform of electronic trading services that provides investors with accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information.

Project Goals
  • Establish reliable high-availability connection to the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Allow for high-speed exchange of trading application data.
  • Comply with technical specifications of NYSE data networks.

At each step, Gcom hardware and software ensure fast, reliable, high-availability, data transmission.

Network Topology
  • Central data center linked to NYSE via X.25
  • Incoming trades from TCP/IP LAN
  • Remote stock ticker data sources using Bisync
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Suite with X.25 and Bisync
  • Synchronous serial adapter
Network Interfaces
  • RS-232
  • V.35
Gcom X.25 solution for Stock Trade Data Center real-time information exchange with NYSE