Cost-effective upgrade of obsolete ATM controllers

When HypoVereinsbank, the third largest bank in Germany, purchased several Eastern-block banks over 10 years ago, they acquired hundreds of ATMs that required modernization to meet the demands of the growing "plastic cash" culture.

Most banks were equipped with the older model IBM4700 front-end SNA processors using an LU0 protocol. Engineering an upgrade meant replacing the IBM OS390 mainframe applications or the X.25 protocol. The bank settled on the switch to an IP protocol as the least expensive and best long-term solution.

The solution required implementation on a Linux platform that could speak to the existing automatic teller network. When it was discovered that IBM didn't have an IP protocol software running on its Unix systems, the bank began looking elsewhere. Diligent research led them to Gcom® through Randix Systems, a local German integrator.

The benefits related to the Gcom solution have been many, according to Randall Dow, owner of Randix Systems. First, the bank can now depend on the long-term maintainability of its processors. Prior to the change, maintenance wasn't predictable because IBM stopped licensing its Series 4700 equipment over ten years ago. Second, the physical space taken up by the older processors was reduced by 97%. Four racks of Linux PCs replaced 1500 square feet of outdated protocol equipment. And third, but most importantly, the system is very reliable, meeting the high-availability demands of the banking industry.

Project Goals
  • Replace obsolete IBM 4700-series ATM controllers.
  • Fully utilize existing bank machines.
  • Reduce overall costs.
  • Accomplish smooth transition to IP.

"Gcom definitely came to the rescue for us. They have a product that works, and working with the company has been a very positive experience."

Randall Dow, Project Integrator

The Gcom Protocol Suite replaced the bank's obsolete IBM 4700 front-end processors using SNA protocols over X.25.

Network Topology
  • Ethernet, X.25, and Token Ring
  • Gcom SNA LU0 Primary acting as ATM host
  • SNA Gateways for SNA ATMs
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Suite with SNA, X.25, and IP
  • Synchronous serial adapter
Network Interfaces
  • RS-232
  • V.35
  • X.21
  • T1/E1
  • Token Ring
  • RJ45
Gcom solution for HypoVereinsbank upgrade of obsolete ATM controllers