Hewlett-Packard Atalla Security Products

Upgrade to newer hardware while maintaining legacy protocol network

The two main reasons many business sectors, particularly banking and financial markets, choose to keep their legacy protocol networks:

  • Security
  • Stability

When HP Atalla Security Products - a provider of hardware security processors for banking, Internet, and enterprise security applications - needed a partner to upgrade its SNA-based customers to newer Atalla hardware solutions, it turned to Gcom, Inc.

The first happy customer of this partnership: China Bank in the Philippines.

Project Goals
  • Maintain customers' legacy protocol network.
  • Upgrade customers to newer Atalla hardware solutions.
  • Increase transaction throughput.

"Our transaction throughput improved 800%! "

Phillip Tan, China Bank/Philippines

Network Topology
  • Ethernet, LLC2
  • Gcom® SNA LU 6.2 secondary acting as client
  • TCP/IP to SNA gateways for Atalla 81xx series security processors
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Appliance 2G with SNA LU 6.2 over LLC2 via Ethernet
  • Atalla encapsulation
Network Interfaces
  • RJ45
Gcom solution for HP Atalla Security Products at China Bank