China Union Pay - Japan Credit Bureau Link

Paving the way for China's future fortunes

China has taken huge steps towards modernization in recent years, and the financial sector has been no exception. As part of preparations for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, a consortium of financial institutions formed China Union Pay (CUP), a cooperative endeavor aimed at modernizing the country's electronic commerce infrastructure. Millions of travelers will visit China in 2008, and the members of CUP want to guarantee reliable access to the global bank transactions network.

Gcom® was pleased when CUP asked for our help to connect with the Japan Credit Bureau's (JCP) transaction processing system. JCB is one of the world's most recognized credit card brands, and support for JCB cardholders is a priority in China, as well as across the entire Pacific Rim. It was only natural that CUP would turn to the company that already provided data communications technology for VISA International and MasterCard.

Now Gcom's protocol software and hardware ensures reliable round-the-clock service for JCB cardholders in China, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with CUP and JCB as the network expands.

Project Goals
  • Expand China's electronic commerce infrastructure.
  • Establish reliable connectivity with JCB's processing network.
  • Guarantee high-availability service to banks and JCB cardholders.

"Improve the uptime statistics to...99.999+%."

Larsen Chung,
Sales Support Specialist

Banks in China now enjoy the same high-availability SNA connections to the Japan Credit Bureau that they have to VISA International.

Network Topology
  • Ethernet, synchronous lines
  • Gcom SNA LU0 Primary
  • JCB LU0 Secondary host
  • Tandem host
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Suite with SNA LU0 Primary
  • Synchronous serial adapter
Network Interfaces
  • RS-232
  • RJ45
Gcom solution for China Union Pay - Japan Credit Bureau link