US National Weather Service

Replace aging data hub while maintaining legacy protocol network

People around the globe rely on data from the U.S National Weather Service, an agency of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA data centers rely on Gcom technology.

One of the objectives of NOAA’s High-Performance Computing Communications office: “Enable NOAA to disseminate its vast holdings of real-time and historical information to users more completely, in a more usable form, and in a much more timely manner…”

But NOAA’s data center technology was difficult and expensive to maintain: Scarce replacement parts; looming support cut-off, limited technology-knowledgeable developers, sparse legacy API-knowledgeable developers, no development environment.

NOAA's solution:

  • Gcom® Protocol Appliance (GPA) -- Enabling multi-legacy protocol communication from virtually any kind of application host, GPA functionality is easy to configure, maintain, and enhance without extensive legacy protocol networking expertise because of...
  • Gcom SyncSockets® software -- Built on top of sockets to give it a TCP/IP-based look and feel, Gcom's SyncSockets API eliminates the legacy API learning curve.
  • Gcom expertise -- Gcom's legacy protocol specialists helped create a custom application to gather and distribute National Weather Service data.
Project Goals
  • Replace obsolete data gathering/distribution technology.
  • Extend the life of proven X.25 and Raw Asynchronous protocol data communications.
  • Use a common application code set to manage legacy connections.
  • Modernize legacy connection programming interfaces to facilitate ongoing modification by in-house staff.
  • Implement NOAA-supplied automatic, programmatic failover capability to eliminate downtime.
Network Topology
  • National data center
  • More than two dozen globally distributed data centers
  • NOAA-supplied switching matrix providing automatic, programmatic, failover capability
  • X.25 and Raw Async leased lines
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Appliance 1G with TCP/IP, X.25, and Raw Async
  • Synchronous serial adapter
  • Gcom-co-authored custom NWS data gathering/distribution application
Network Interfaces
  • RS-232
  • V.35
Gcom solution for NOAA's National Weather Service