Nationwide distributor of Doppler weather radar data

The weather radar images seen on the nightly news are provided by Next Generation Weather Radar. This national Doppler radar system is a joint project of the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Weather Service, and a major aerospace contractor. An extensive network of NEXRAD stations provides almost complete radar coverage of the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. The range of each NEXRAD is 124 nautical miles.

Gcom's X.25 networking protocol products were selected to transmit data collected from the remote radar sites to a central location for processing and dissemination to users. The reliability of Gcom® software ensures a high-availability conduit for the transmission of critical weather data nationwide, 24 hours a day.

Project Goals
  • Distribute weather radar data to television stations and other locations nationwide.
  • Collect weather data 24/7 for meteorological analysis.
  • Provide reliable data from each radar station.
Network Topology
  • X.25 packet switched network
  • Bidirectional communication with radar application
Gcom Solution
  • Gcom Protocol Suite with X.25
  • Synchronous serial adapter
Network Interfaces
  • RS-232
  • V.35
  • X.21
Gcom solution for NEXRAD Doppler weather radar data