Gcom GPA 2G Series Helps China Bank/Philippines Phase in Feature-rich, NCR ATMs While Maintaining Legacy Protocol Network

SAVOY, ILLINOIS January 19, 2007 – When China Bank in the Philippines decided to "move tellers to sellers" by upgrading to more efficient NCR Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), they faced several problems:

  • China Bank likes the security and stability of its legacy protocol network.
  • The desired, feature-rich, NCR ATMs communicate via IP protocol.
  • Simultaneously upgrading all current, legacy protocol-based, NCR ATMs to new, IP-based, NCR ATMs is not only disruptive, but cost prohibitive.

Their solution: Phase in IP-based, NCR ATMs using the Gcom® Second Generation Protocol Appliance 2G (GPA 2G).

The GPA 2G transports the payload data itself, not the legacy protocol. It does so by applying a delimiter to preserve the logical message boundaries needed to send payload data over a byte stream connection such as TCP. Gcom calls these delimiters encapsulations.

"And Gcom has an encapsulation specifically designed to handle NCR ATM payload data," said Dave Grothe, founder and CEO of Gcom. "So the Gcom solution required no custom programming."

Now China Bank can replace legacy protocol-based, NCR ATMs with IP-based, NCR ATMs on its own timetable with no disruption to bank processes or customers.

About Gcom

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